Joe Navarro has rapidly become one of the most highly regarded experts on non-verbal communication within the poker community and all types of poker players, from novices to seasoned poker pro's, tend to be full of praise after attending his game enhancing lectures and seminars.

Here is what some of the world's most renowned poker professionals have to say about Joe Navarro and his courses.

“I thought I had heard and seen it all in my 40 plus years of poker, but when I listened to Joe's presentation on the behavior patterns of poker players, I actually took notes. I whole heartily recommend Joe Navarro's seminar to any poker player be he or she an amateur or top flight pro.”
TJ Cloutier

“Joe Navarro is THE man. This guy knows what he is talking about and if you wish to increase your net worth I highly recommend you listen up and listen up real good.”
Antonio Esfandiari

“After 25 years of studying 'Spies', Navarro gave us some great ways to decipher lies ("tells" in my business)--I took 4 pages of notes!  More importantly to those of you thinking of hiring him, he was incredibly entertaining, and held us all in the palm of his hand!”
Phil Hellmuth

“What sets apart the good players from the great players is the ability to read people and situations.  Joe Navarro’s seminars will help you take your game to the next level and put you on the path to greatness.”
Scott Fischman

Voices from Camp Hellmuth

“Joe Navarro is one scary man. I learned more in his 90 minute seminar than I have from reading dozens of books.  If you have the chance to see Joe’s seminar, do not pass it up”
Joey Fairbloom, Camp Hellmuth graduate, winner of 2006 Camp Hellmuth tournament

“I cannot say enough about Joe Navarro, the man is a genius, he not only helped explain and point out tells to look for in opponents, but even took the time to pull people aside and let us know about our own personal tells that we were ALL giving off.”
Jason Campbell, Camp Hellmuth graduate

“Pay attention to what Mr. Navarro has to say and you will immediately see an impact on your poker bankroll”
Max Drucker, Camp Hellmuth graduate

“But the show [Camp Hellmuth] was stolen by Joe Navarro, formerly of the FBI, who gave a fantastic, not-to-be-missed, in depth presentation on reading poker tells.”
Bob Tracey, journalist