Joe Navarro's lectures and seminars have become highly anticipated within the poker community and it is recommended to book a seat in advance if you wish to attend.

Just like legendary poker pros such as Phil Hellmuth, Annie Duke and Greg “Fossil Man” Raymer, Joe Navarro regularly teaches at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Academy online and in Las Vegas. If you wish to enhance your play by learning how to read body language and other non verbal clues, you can either sign up for an online course or travel to Las Vegas to attend one of the academy's two-day long live training camps.

The online course comes in two packages. You either pay a monthly fee to receive three new chapters per month for a total of four months, or you pay a one-time fee to instantly gain access all chapters for a year. Regardless of which alternative to you chose you will receive top-tier training not only from Joe Navarro but from poker stars such as Hellmuth, Duk and Raymer as well.

Launched in 2007, WSOP Academy focuses on  in-depth, face-to-face instruction with poker’s top experts. It is the only poker training officially affiliated with WSOP and includes, among many other things, comprehensive hand analysis of WSOP final tables with access to exclusive footage.